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MIT research in cybersecurity will help businesses to better protect themselves



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Director Stuart Madnick Describes How (IC)3 Will Help Organizations Protect Themselves

Five Samples of (IC)3 Research Projects:
- House of Security - Measuring management and employee cybersecurity culture
- Extending Accident Prevention technology to cyber incident prevention
- Developing methods to disrupt the vulnerability markets
- Using Systems Dynamics to cost effectively make systems most resilient to attacks
- Developing metrics to measure Cybersecurity Readiness, and ROI on investments in cybersecurity







(IC)3 Fall Workshop and Conference on October 18, 2017.  


(IC)3 is filling a critical need for critical infrastructure cybersecurity:

  • Security of conventional information systems is recognized as important, but is still not fully effective. The number and magnitude of cyber-attacks (Target, Home Depot, SONY, etc.) is growing weekly. 

  • More important, but much less protected, is the security of our Cyber-Physical Infrastructure and IoT (Internet of Things), that is the computer controlled facilities that produce and deliver our energy, water, communications, etc., that collectively form the infrastructure of our civilization are dangerously exposed to cyber-attacks, but much less research in cybersecurity for critical Infrastructure has been done. This is one focus of (IC)3.

  • Also, although improving the hardware and software is important, the majority of cyber attacks are aided or abetted by insiders (usually unintentionally.) So, it is important to address the managerial, organizational, and strategic aspects of cybersecurity – the key focus of (IC)3.

If you, or your organization, are involved with, or concerned about, the cybersecurity of critical infrastructure, please examine the research you will find on this website, and become a member of (IC)3. Together we can build a safer world.

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