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Why Join (IC)3?

Benefit from usuable research -- Organizations are trying to address today’s threats, and plan for future threats, but:

“The CSO / CISO is too busy bailing water to plug the holes in the boat.”

(IC)3 is focusing MIT’s uniquely qualified interdisciplinary faculty and researchers on the fundamental principles of cyber space, cyber crime, & cybersecurity applied to Critical Infrastructure: “Enabling the CISO / CSO to plug the holes in the boat.”

Creating tools to:

  • Strategically develop measureable, cost effective, Cybersecurity strategies – getting ahead of the curve
  • Implement Cyber-safety awareness and culture change
  • A confidential academic forum in which to benefit from the experiences of CSO/CISOs from multiple sectors
  • And many more usable models, techniques, and strategies described in the (IC)3 Prospectus

View a 1-page Consortium Research Agenda overview here: (IC)3 Research Areas.PDF


View an (IC)3 Prospectus:

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Members of (IC)3 currently include companies from across the entire infrastructure value chain: initial founding partners include companies in: chemicals, electricity, energy, financial services, industrial automation, manufacturing, natural gas, oil, and utilities. 

Companies from all Critical Infrastructure Sectors and their supply chain are invited to join and benefit from (IC)3’s research and community.

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(IC)3 Sponsorship Levels and Benefits


($45,000 Contribution for one year, $35,000/year for 3 year subscription)

  • Recognition Listing in all MIT (IC)3 publications and the MIT (IC)website as a sponsor of the MIT Interdisciplinary Consortium for Improving Critical Infrastructure CyberSecurity.
  • Research Participation in the research process, including possible inclusion as a research site 
  • Bi-Monthly briefings providing updates on current MIT (IC)3 research 
  • Invitations for up to two people to at least two research events each year to hear and discuss findings from ongoing MIT CISR research 
  • Community Access Access to a community of thoughtful, strategic (IC)members
  • Conversations (or presentations in conjunction with research visits) with MIT (IC)3 faculty and staff about current issues, which may result in connections with colleagues from other MIT (IC)3 sponsor companies 
  • Research Content Unlimited web access to password-protected MIT (IC)3 research content, including sponsor-only access to presentations made at (IC)3 workshops 
  • Early access to MIT (IC)3 working papers and other publications, available to members for 90 days before public release 
  • Executive Education Reserved place and fee waiver for two people at MIT (IC)3’s annual Conference.
  • Student Access The possibility of being involved in a Sloan MBA student project


($120,000/year Contribution)

  • All of the above, plus 
  • Ability to suggest and influence research projects
  • Ability to re-distribute research to their own clients and customers
  • Reserved place and fee waiver for three people at MIT (IC)3’s annual Conference. 
  • Ability to contact faculty via telephone


($450,000 Contribution)

  • All of the above, plus 
  • Ability to help define a patron-specific research project, possibly to be conducted in conjunction with patron’s organization
  • Reserved place and fee waiver for six people at MIT (IC)3’s annual Conference. 
  • A dedicated faculty contact, with monthly consultations
  • One on-site faculty presentation to the organization’s governing board